Introductory Audio & Mixing with Jon Halliwell (Thursdays)


A short course for music-lovers, aspiring performers, roadies, stage crew wannabes, and lifelong learners enjoying lockdown.
Taught by a seasoned audio system engineer with rock-star status.
** Enrolment is limited to 20 people.  **

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This beginner/intermediate course takes place over Zoom on Thursday evenings from November 5th to December 10th. No special equipment required.

The course topics for each of the six weeks are

  1. Intro and audio theory
  2. Inputs:  microphones, DIs and RF systems
  3. Mixing level 1:  gain, eq, compression, analog/digital
  4. Mixing level 2:  bussing, effects, gain structure
  5. Sound systems:  mains and monitors, networking
  6. Stage plots, safety, grounding, roles in the industry.

Jon will send out meeting invites by email prior to each session. He will use the email address you provide on the payment screen unless you notify us otherwise.

Registration questions:  [email protected]
Course content questions:  [email protected]

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