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For over 20 years, the Indigenous Circle of our summer festival has offered drumming, healing workshops, arts and crafts activities and an atmosphere of inclusiveness and celebration that has become a constitutive part of Hillside. Storytelling sessions unfold the myths and stories that birthed the rituals of the drum and give meaning to the music. Beyond the summer festival, Hillside offers one-hour sessions for elementary and high-school students led by an Anishinaabe storyteller. These sessions allow students to understand more about Indigenous culture through drumming and storytelling circles that use instruments and talismans to teach the mores of Indigenous peoples.

Commit to education. Commit to peace.


Minimum amount: $20.00


Through this program, students become more knowledgeable about Canadian culture, the fabric of which is comprised of the belief systems of many honourable peoples. The cosmology of Indigenous peoples sees humans as a constitutive part of the land, which is viewed as a spiritual being rather than a material fact. The drum is “the heartbeat of the earth” and the mallets are “Grandmother’s arms.” There are myths and stories that birthed the rituals of the drum and give meaning to the music.

These sessions teach children about the seasons, the elements, and the directions so that they better understand how this way of understanding the world differs from the Western tradition and how they can be mutually supportive so that we can better prepare our children to be informed peacemakers and empathic community-builders.

Hillside is a registered charity!  Our registration number is 12949 3292 RR0001.

Income tax receipts will be issued by email for any donations over $20.

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